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The Owl Grill & Saloon

Owl Grill and Saloon, Grass Valley CA

Today’s Owl Grill & Saloon is actually two structures that were built in 1857 and 1862. The original saloon opened in 1883 as The Bank Exchange Saloon. The back bar is hand carved cherry wood from Austria, constructed in 1880, shipped around the “Horn”, and delivered to this site via train and wagon. In the later 1880,s, The Bank Exchange Saloon became an eatery, as well as a bar, and the named changed to The Owl Tavern. This establishment was named The Owl Tavern because it was open 24 hours a day, and became home to many of the local Miners.


We are dedicated to honoring the rich history of The Owl, Grass Valley, and Nevada County by providing outstanding food and service, in a classic “Gold Country “setting. Step back in time and enjoy a great meal with family and friends at the new Owl Grill and Saloon.

– Steve Graham